Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Fat Questions

1. Do you think the mother should have sent Little Red Riding Hood such a long way all by herself? Why?

The mother was right to send Little Red Ridinghood to see her grandma as she was sick but really should have taught her better about speaking to animals that talk or even strangers. Not talking to strangers is the first thing you learn from your momma when you start going outside. She should have been smarter and avoided the talking wolf. My momma wouldn't let me walk that far by myself even though I have the smarts not to talk to strangers but sometimes people are bigger than you and mean and they can just pick you up and run away with you so in that case the momma should not have let her go by herself.

2. How is the big bad wolf's end different from the other versions of lil red riding hood? Explain.

In this story, the huntsman came and peered through the window and shot the wolf. In other versions, it was the axman or a ranger. The story usually ended with the wolf dying and grandma and the girl getting saved and they all lived happily ever after. This story did not really have a true ending. It leaves you wondering what happened to little red riding hood.

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