Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A letter to Mr. A. T. Wolf

Dear Mr. A. T. Wolf,
My name is Friend Wolf. I must say I do believe you tell a good story. It is in our nature to eat little pigs and little girls. You really should own who you are and go eat that third little pig. It should not be to hard to break in and have a little snack.
You do not deserve the punishment that was handed down to you unless it is a punishment for the foolishness of going to court and telling your very silly story. For that your punishment, you should  be sent to the dentist and have your teeth filed down. You my friend are a vegetarian. Making a cake? Why didn't you just share the the little porkers with your grandmother.
You are a sad excuse for a wolf. That is all.

Friend Wolf.

1 comment:

  1. I not like the taste of meat on my clean cavity free dentures, being a vegitarian has givens me extra healths i duns mind being difrent from other wolfs for i ams one of a kind and now has to answer for all of thouse that have done wrong to others i am a good wolf and i want others to see the true me plz not makes me wanna eat the poor lil pig hes not yummy in my eyes plz
    I wills go to court and faice whats i has to get blamed for ..So Sorry for making you feel differ of me Wolf