Friday, February 25, 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

Snow White and Rose Red

Describe the sisterly bond between Snow White and Rose Red.

The bond between Snow White and Rose Red was unbreakable. They shared all they had with each other. They were very close and loved each other very much. Nothing came between them and what one sister got the other sister received as well.
How is the story similar/different to the modern Snow White?

The modern Snow White does not have Rose Red in it that I can remember. Snow White actually went and lived with the dwarves after her evil step mother tried to have her killed but in this story the dwarves were evil and turned Snow Whites prince into a Bear. In the modern Snow White, she is tricked by an evil witch to eat a poisoned apple and the only thing that will save her is the kiss of a prince. In this story, Snow White and Rose Red, sort of save the prince by happening upon the dwarf and calling attention to his location not knowing that the bear was really a prince.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A letter to Mr. A. T. Wolf

Dear Mr. A. T. Wolf,
My name is Friend Wolf. I must say I do believe you tell a good story. It is in our nature to eat little pigs and little girls. You really should own who you are and go eat that third little pig. It should not be to hard to break in and have a little snack.
You do not deserve the punishment that was handed down to you unless it is a punishment for the foolishness of going to court and telling your very silly story. For that your punishment, you should  be sent to the dentist and have your teeth filed down. You my friend are a vegetarian. Making a cake? Why didn't you just share the the little porkers with your grandmother.
You are a sad excuse for a wolf. That is all.

Friend Wolf.

Little Golden Hood

Little Golden Hood Questions

How were Golden Hood's instructions from her mother different from Little Red's? Do you think they're any better/worse?

I think that her instructions were very clear. They were much better than Little Red's because they had that sense of you going to get in trouble if you don't listen to me and do exactly as I say. Little Red's Mom left it wide open for her to be bad without the threat of being in trouble. As mommy says, every action has a consequences.

How is the wolf's end different from the Andrew Lang's version of Little Red Riding Hood? Is this how you would have ended the story? Explain.

The wolf in Little Golden Hood was different because the wolf got eaten which is what he wanted to do to little golden hood. Plus, her hood was magical and it saved her. I think I like this version better cause grammy was strong and feisty and thats how grammy's are supposed to be.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Fat Questions

1. Do you think the mother should have sent Little Red Riding Hood such a long way all by herself? Why?

The mother was right to send Little Red Ridinghood to see her grandma as she was sick but really should have taught her better about speaking to animals that talk or even strangers. Not talking to strangers is the first thing you learn from your momma when you start going outside. She should have been smarter and avoided the talking wolf. My momma wouldn't let me walk that far by myself even though I have the smarts not to talk to strangers but sometimes people are bigger than you and mean and they can just pick you up and run away with you so in that case the momma should not have let her go by herself.

2. How is the big bad wolf's end different from the other versions of lil red riding hood? Explain.

In this story, the huntsman came and peered through the window and shot the wolf. In other versions, it was the axman or a ranger. The story usually ended with the wolf dying and grandma and the girl getting saved and they all lived happily ever after. This story did not really have a true ending. It leaves you wondering what happened to little red riding hood.